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Mindful Midlife Reinvention

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May 30-June 13

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Life Design Framework

Midlife is notoriously a challenging stage of life (age 45-70ish) yet it has the potential to catalyze some of the most meaningful transitions and choices you can make for yourself, your life and your future. 

Ready to go on mindful treasure hunt to find your direction in midlife? JourneyMapping’s® framework can guide you in a fun, spacious and intuitive approach to life reinvention.

Monthly Framework installments include:

  • Live Zoom teaching (or watch recording)
  • Handouts
  • Mapping Exercise
  • Journaling or Contemplation Exercise

About Us

We are a community of values-based, intelligent, midlife men and women. Our days tend to be busy showing up as leaders, professionals, activists, entrepreneurs and volunteers.

Naraya Stein

Founder & Community Facilitator
Coach, consultant, healer, yogi and truth seeker. View Bio Here.